About Kokolofitwe

Kokolofitwe is a modest game lodge situated on the rim of the Vredefort Dome – the largest meteor impact crater on earth and a UNESCO World Heritage site.

A mere two-hour drive from Johannesburg, the lodge offers stunning views of the Free State grasslands and the perfect breakaway from city life.

The name Kokolofitwe is derived from the Basotho word for secretary bird, of which there are several breeding pairs surrounding the lodge. The birds are regularly seen roaming the grasslands, hunting for small mammals, amphibians and reptiles.

In addition to these majestic creatures and a rich population of other bird species, Kokolofitwe boasts a variety of antelope comprising oryx, eland, blesbuck, impala, springbuck and kudu. Wildlife also includes ostriches, zebras and warthogs.

To bask in natural surroundings, relax next to a campfire and swimming pool, and take part in various exciting activities, look no further. Kokolofitwe also aims to practice sustainable hunting and ensure effective use of our natural resources.

To find out more, or book a spot, please contact us at admin@kokolofitwe.co.za.

Kokolofitwe Game Lodge is a pet friendly location, so feel free to bring your dog with on your adventure!